Conference spaces at Pilguse

Experience versatility at Pilguse Residency with a variety of event spaces to suit any corporate need.

Unique spaces for extraordinary events

The Winter Garden provides a serene, light-filled setting ideal for reflective meetings or workshops. For a more formal or celebratory occasion, the Dining Hall exudes elegance and grandeur. The Lounge & Bar area offers a relaxed ambiance perfect for casual discussions or networking. Our unique Greenhouses provide a distinctive backdrop for innovative brainstorming, while the rustic charm of the Carriage House sets a cozy yet professional tone for a range of corporate events. [IMAGINARY TEXT, GO THROUGH]

An event at Pilguse Residency is a comibination of amazing food, tranquile spaces and setting and unique accommodation.

Winter Garden

The Winter Garden is our reception area as well as lounge with fireplace and different seating areas. The Winter Garden has a wood-burning stove, high ceilings and plenty of natural light.

This space can as well be used for private events and meetings.

The Dining Hall, Lounge & Bar

The high ceilings, wooden floors and eight large windows give a feeling of being in the nature with lots of natural light. It is usually set up with two lounge areas. Each has its own fireplace with multiple dining set up options.

The dining hall, lounge and bar area can seat up to 80 guests.

The space is available for work shops, group work, seminars, yoga, meditation or dining.


This year we extended our outdoor season with two green houses and equipped them with a fireplace each, both set on a wooden decking. The room is ap 20m2 and can be used all year around The Sundeck Green House is located next to the smoke sauna, hot tub and our natural fresh spring plunge pool. There is a large decking area that the green house spills on to.

The Dining Green House is a bit more private. It is located behind our large wood shed with a smaller deck, over- looking the horse fields where the sun sets. It is also next to the restaurant so it can be used for private dining events.

Suitable for 8 – 10 guests.

The spaces can be used for smaller group work rooms, treatment, meditation or yoga rooms.

The Carriage House

The Carriage House Is our Rustic Events Room which can spill out to the Manor lawn. The room can be configured to a
seminar space, cinema, dining, bar, disco or a cigar lounge with 2 iron fire places.

Can seat up to 60 guests.