Pilguse Residency is based at the Pilguse Manor House which dates back to 1558 and is set in an absolutely gorgeous and unique 90 hectares of land. The property is surrounded by untouched nature, lakes and endless coastlines. Pilguse Residency seeks to provide luxury, yet obtainable, accommodation, experiences and spirits to consumers that lead eco-conscious lifestyles. In essence, we provide this lifestyle. High end accommodation and dining, experiences to explore and relax in the local Estonian nature. Furthermore, we are a hub for symbiosis between our business, local businesses, people and the surrounding nature. We encourage customers to experience our offers fully. However, our offers are split in such a way that everything can be enjoyed individually as well.

We offer luxurious accommodation with Scandinavian inspired interiors together with our restaurant & bar, screening room, smoke and regular wood heated saunas, hot tub with natural springs all set in the beautiful Estonian countryside.

The estate is surrounded by endless untouched nature with possibilities for hiking, horse riding, kayaking, paddle boarding and fishing. And, maybe a little picnic to bring on your adventures!

Continue to explore our website for more information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.