Company events

Pilguse Residency offers fully bespoke corporate events to work aways for smaller teams and start ups.

Company events at Pilguse Residency

Spaces for your corporate event

Host impactful corporate events at Pilguse Residency’s versatile conferencing spaces. Set against Estonia’s serene countryside, our modern facilities provide the perfect backdrop for inspiring discussions, team-building, and forging meaningful connections.

For a day event we can host comfortably any company event from 6 up to 150 guests by versatile use of space for small team meetings to concert space and seminars:

  • Winter Garden
  • Dining Room Lounge
  • Greenhouse – Sundeck
  • Greenhouse – Wood shed
  • Rustic Summer Cinema Room

All spaces can be equpped with a projector or screen, flip chart and markers, as well as note pads and pens.

Experience versatility at Pilguse Residency with a variety of event spaces to suit any corporate need.

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Pilguse Recidency offers luxurious hotel rooms and ÖÖD Mirror Cabins for people who want to enjoy the Estonian countryside and the sea.

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Accommodation options at Pilguse Residency

We can accommodate between 26 as single occupancy to 56 people if all beds are occupied.

We can add on another 25 beds in collaboration with the horse farm across the road, so up to 81.


There are different aspects to consider when it comes down to the culinary side of this beautiful project. Nature is where our inspiration comes from. Finding the natural resources of Saaremaa and enhancing them by using traditional cooking methods is at the core of our cuisine. We want to find this essential connection with Nature by working in harmony with our surroundings and share an authentic experience with our guests.

Wherever our products come from the land, the sea or the skies, we transform and cook them with respect and gratefulness. We can also create other food inspired events with other chefs.

Price examples

We create bespoke packages depending on set up.

Lunches with afternoon tea / coffee and cake 15 – 20 € / head

Dinner 25 – 50 € / head

Pre-dinner drinks and nibbles (Elda Distillery tasting) 15 € / head

Dinner events

Singe day Lunch or Dinner Events / Seminars

1 – 3 nights Events / Seminars

Christmas Lunch or Dinner

New Years Take Over

Indulge in saunas, hot tubs, horse rides, and Elda gin tasting at Pilguse, your gateway to diverse delights.

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Discover Estonia's culinary gem at Pilguse, where exquisite dining becomes a journey to remember.

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