The name Elda Distillery derives from our family shore line, Elda Pank, the most western coast line of the Island Saaremaa. The botanicals used draw inspiration from the windswept shore lines where plenty of juniper grows, alongside with wild flowers, berries and lots of coastal herbs with the local seaweed as a common theme throughout.

The bottle design started to take shape with a love for going the opposite direction.. and from a love of elegant Japanese Sake bottles, classic and not over designed. The choice of colours came from historical glass vases and goblets, creating a timeless bottle.

E2 Coastal, light and spicy gin

A clean blend of beautifully charactered ingredients. With rose and chili to bring a spicy sophistication to the light juniper, coriander and citrus base. Keeping the flavours by the coast together with seaweed from Elda Pank. Works wonderfully by itself, on ice or in a very Dry Martini with an olive.. maybe even a Dirty Martini.

8 ingredients 700 ml 40% alcohol

M1 Coastal vodka

A smooth spirit with a very subtle note of Seaweed from the shores of Elda Pank. Enjoy it by itself, on ice or maybe in a Vesper Martini together with O1 or E2 gin.

2 ingredients 700 ml 40% alcohol

O1 Coastal, bold gin

A flavoursome bouquet of florals and cubeb pepper, juniper and coriander seeds, citrus and cardamom. With our signature note of Seaweed that creates polished, fresh and savoury taste. Delicious by itself, on ice or with some not so sweet tonic and some lemon peel.

13 ingredients 700 ml 40% alcohol