Off the Property EE

We can also help you plan your excursions to see the sights or destinations on the island.

Visiting around the island

Vilsandi National Park – allowing us to admire the beauty of wildlife in orchids, flocks of migrating birds and lighthouses. Vilsandi is the oldest nature protection area in the Baltics, founded as a bird reserve in 1910.

  • Boat trip to Vilsandi return with Captain Aivar
    • option to rent bikes on the island
    • we will pack you a picnic basket
  • Hike in the water to Vilsandi Island / bike to the light house / boat back

Kuressaare bishopric caste-fortification, is  telling a colourful story of the past of Saaremaa with its rooms full of history. Today the castle houses the Saaremaa Museum.

Kaali meteorite crater – demonstrating the power and unpredictability of the nature. The approximate time of Kaali meteorite fall is 7500-7600 years ago. Meteorite fall caused big damages on already inhabited Saaremaa, it could be compared to explosion of atomic bomb. 40 min drive

Angla windmill hill and heritage culture centre – teaching us about ancient traditions and way of life. Four out of the five windmills on Angla Windmill mount are typical trestle windmills characteristic of the island of Saaremaa. A slightly taller windmill is Dutch-style windmill. At Angla heritage cultural centre you can take part of number of workshops – trying your hand at pottery, felting, bread-making and more.

Sörve light house – which is the highest with it’s 52 meters in the Baltic Sea, guarantees a beautiful view to the surroundings from the viewing platform

Viiersiti Allikas = mythical spring with hiking trail

Military and Nature Museum

Bulla Museum

WOW centre – kids science, experience centre

Outdoor activities

Harilaid Beaches and the leaning light house at sea – hiking on foot or bike and swimming

Riding – other riding options are at Minni’s horse sanctuary. Here you can do hikes to the beaches and go swimming with the horses

SPA & Tennis at GOSPA Hotel, 25 min drive

Golf – Saaremaa Golf and Country Club, 25 min drive

Hiking trails and recreation areas – Boggs

Pidula Wake Park – wake boarding and a fun park with Inflatable floating water park. Challenges even the most athletic person.

Panga cliffs

Island hopping and Muhu Island

Island hopping – Hiiumaa / Runu / MUHU – we can curate your Trip to Estonia and include some Island hopping.

Muhu Island – needs a day to explore. Its the Island you land on if you take the ferry to Saaremaa.

The highlights of Muhu include the Koguva village with stone fences, Üügu cliff and one of Estonia’s oldest holy places – St. Catherine’s Church with its pagan tombstones. The ancient tradition of painting doors and decorating them with magical symbols has been revived in Muhu. The Muhu island is also home to an ostrich farm and the Tihuse horse tourism farm. the famous Muhu dark brad, wonderful handicrafts and great eateries can be found at the Liiva Centre. Pädaste Manor stands out with its architecture and high level culinary experiences.

Curate your Estonia experience

Stockholm Tallinn with Tallink – start your first night in Stockholm then Tallinn

A day in Tallinn

Arvo Part Center


Hiiumaa or Muhu