Our menu is seasonal and based on local produce as much as possible. This offers a frequently changing menu throughout the year allowing for return customers to experience new tastes from the island. Naturally, we offer a la carte dishes throughout the year as well, such as our whole smoked trout or chicken. Perfect for family style sharing.

There are several events curated around nomadic dinners and guest chefs through out the year.

The Dining room is a large open space split into two sections. One area for dining and one area with a lounge. The space has two fireplaces, one on either end keeping it cosy during the colder months and large windows and patio doors which provides plenty of natural light. The openness gives a sense of connection with the surrounding nature even when indoors.

Exterior dining is offered both in the four-court as well as in the back garden, which offers sunset views as well as of the horses who reside in the adjacent fields.

Throughout the day the bar offers drinks and cocktails which can be enjoyed in our deck chairs, which are scattered around the property. During the colder months, why not cosy up close to the wood burning fireplaces in one of our glass houses.

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